It's Time to Let Go of What Limits You.

Do you experience negative self-talk, toxic relationships, or a boring career?

Perhaps you lack confidence, self-esteem, or you just want to feel more comfortable in your skin?


I’m Jodi Gonzales, and I know how you feel. I have experienced ALL of those things, and I have overcome them through a combined practice of therapeutic art making and yoga. Here's my story:

I have always been an achiever, creative problem-solver, artist and strategist. Those skills have been the common thread through the course of a very dynamic and fulfilling career. I’ve won numerous awards, received international press, and have even been called a visionary and a pioneer. Yet, for longest time, underneath that success I was not at all happy.

Inside, I felt broken. I constantly compared myself to others. I never felt like I was good enough.  

I was shy, socially awkward, a bit overweight, and in physical and emotional pain most of the time. Focusing on work allowed me to compartmentalize and redefine the pain into something positive. Unfortunately, that just left me feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and disconnected. This, on top of everything else listed above.

Then, several years ago, the stress took its toll.

I was faced with a health issue that could only be addressed through a major surgery, and I was terrified. I returned to my Art + Yoga ritual with rigor, because I now had the education to understand exactly why it would help with the fear and anxiety. I also needed to express my grief surrounding the diagnosis.

What followed was profound, and my life was transformed.

I Turned My Mess into My Mission

Life is just too short to be held back by limiting beliefs, false personal narratives, and toxic people who don’t empower you. Period.

Looking Into Sun.jpg

Achievement doesn’t matter if you’re not happy with yourself, or not healthy enough to celebrate your successes.

I faced my shadow and decided to re-route my career and my lifestyle in the pursuit of greater self-acceptance, physical and emotional wellness, and the courage to eventually share my story and my methods with those who would benefit. Art + Yoga Wellness was born!

About Art + Yoga Wellness

Friends tell me that the way my Art + Yoga story unfolds reads somewhat like the Wild-West version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller Eat, Pray, Love. Even with my formerly-prominent inner shadow, life has been an amazing adventure. Art + Yoga has been a consistent part of that as I have always used it to balance my emotions and get clear on my dreams and goals.

Art + Yoga Wellness reflects my trust in its process and my joy in using the techniques—but its effectiveness is supported by much more than that. The program is based on a growing body of research in the fields of yoga, positive psychology and art therapy. Further, it is based on the knowledge and experience acquired through completing a dual Master’s degree, three national credentials, and thousands of hours of direct client contact time.

My Message for You

It’s time to let go of what limits you. Life is too short for you to be anything less than the best you can be!  I believe you have the capacity to create lasting, positive life changes when you have the right tools, a commitment to making the change, and support.  Don’t be afraid of change, embrace possibility! I’m right here to guide you! If I could do it, you can, too!


30 Days

a simple daily ritual of letting go and bringing in.