Overcoming Overwhelm: Art + Yoga = Calm

When people hear me talk about how Art + Yoga improves Wellness, not surprisingly, they question how. Images of spandex, paintbrushes and yoga mats may dance across their mind—and that can be a distasteful visual, even for me! So here’s the low-down on what the Art + Yoga Wellness program really is, and why it works for everyone. Note: no prior yoga experience, stretchy clothes, or artistic skills are required.  

 Art + Yoga creates calm because the techniques are informed by how your brain and nervous system function.

Why Art + Yoga Wellness is Universal

  • Art + Yoga Wellness is a mind-body program that’s based on how the brain and nervous system works.
  • Art + Yoga Wellness uses a combination of techniques that are proven to reduce the experience of stress, specifically by lowering the heart- and breath rate, and by decreasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Yoga is explored in the full form of the discipline, well beyond the stretch-and-sweat of a traditional studio yoga class. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. I design sequences that are accessible to everyone.
  • We use line art techniques that require no artistic skill or special art materials. Simplicity makes the process equally available to an executive, an elderly person, and even a child.
  • The entire process is oriented to getting us out of our heads and into our hearts, and then to express emotions and ideas from that place.
  • When we’re calmer and having fun, we’re more creative. Therefore, Art + Yoga Wellness can be oriented towards finding unique solutions to any kind of problem.

Many people practice Art + Yoga Wellness just for the sense of greater reassurance, and ease. In a typical week it’s not unusual for me to work with a variety of groups that include blind veterans, individuals with PTSD, individuals recovering from opioid addiction, athletic coaches, university leadership, and business leaders from around the country. The venues where I teach range from residential treatment to luxurious resorts.

(Art + Yoga) felt playful, and I found freedom from the stress of running my business.
— Gayle, Interior Designer, San Fancisco

No matter the problem, the process of Art + Yoga Wellness remains the same. And so does the outcome. People are left feeling calmer, clearer, and more connected to themselves. Their success is not just outstanding—it’s out of this world!


Jodi Gonzales ATR, NCC, RYT200 is the creator of Art + Yoga Wellness, a powerful resilience program that provides high-achieving individuals with effective tools to improve emotional and physical health, as well as performance. Jodi offers presentations and group workshops both in-person and on-line. To learn about how Art + Yoga Wellness will benefit you or your organization, contact Jodi at shift@artyogawellness.com or 520-276-1878. Current events and workshops are posted at http://artyogawellness.com/events/ and on Facebook.