Art + yoga improves wellness by reducing activation of the nervous system, and therefore the experience of stress and anxiety. Art + yoga can also transform strong emotions and negativity caused by our stressors.



“I have learned a new way to heal, a new way to connect with myself. You have inspired me to challenge myself, look within, and fight for a better, more sustainable life.”  


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Where to find Art + Yoga Wellness, and classes by Jodi

Who Benefits From Art + Yoga Wellness?

EVERYONE benefits from an Art + Yoga practice. Here are just a few examples:


You have so much going on, your head hurts.

Art + Yoga Wellness helps people with chronic stress to feel more grounded, relaxed and in control.


You have a bright, creative, sensitive teenager.

Art + Yoga Wellness helps teens & 'tweens sort out and express confusing emotions.

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You want more from your yoga practice.

Art + Yoga Wellness deepens your practice by showing you how to take the teachings off the mat and into life.

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jodi gonzales atr, ncc ryt200

Meet Jodi

"Hi, I'm Jodi Gonzales. I've been using an art + yoga practice for over twenty years. I truly believe that these are two of the most potent wellness tools; they have helped me overcome numerous life challenges, while also defining my dreams and goals.

My wish for you is to learn how to use art + yoga to make positive lasting changes in your own life. My job is to educate you about the mind-body system, and to provide you with methods to improve your wellness using art + yoga. Together we will identify where you are at now, where you want to be, and what your wellness path will look like. You will learn methods to take better care of your mind and body. Ultimately, we will define your personalized art + yoga wellness practice."

"Jodi is a pleasure to learn from. Her fusion of art and asana offers great insight into one's body-mind-spirit".  -Maritzio

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