Art + Yoga Wellness is an effective program that provides simple tools for improving emotional and physical health.


Introducing Yoga Mat Makeovers

Explore common alignment issues and ways to use props so that you can enjoy a safe, comfortable and calming yoga practice.


Welcome!! THAnk your for visiting ART + yoga Wellness.

Jodi is a pleasure to learn from. Her fusion of art and asana offers great insight into one’s body-mind-spirit.
— Maritzio, Student



How Art + Yoga Wellness Works

Art (Therapy)

Therapeutic art making reduces the activation of the nervous system while strong emotions are are explored and transformed. Artistic aptitude is not necessary.


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Yoga benefits every bone, muscle and body tissue, while also offering an 8-limbed system for improved spiritual and emotional well being.

Art + Yoga Wellness

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Art + Yoga Wellness offers a potent wellness solution while addressing countless life challenges, opportunities, and transitions.

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I have learned a new way to heal, a new way to connect with myself. You have inspired me to challenge myself, look within, and fight for a better, more sustainable life.
— Grace


About Jodi

“Welcome to Art + Yoga Wellness! I was introduced to art therapy and yoga in 1993 as recovery tools for eating disorder. Over the course of the last twenty-four years, the Art + Yoga practice has proven to be a major game-changer as my life has opened to more connection, greater confidence, stronger intuition and some truly remarkable adventures.

 I believe you have the capacity to create lasting, positive life changes when you have the right tools, a commitment to making the change, and support.  Don’t be afraid of change, embrace possibility! I’m right here to guide you! If I could do it, you can, too!

 I truly love this program and i want to show you how well it works!   

I truly love this program and i want to show you how well it works!



Will Art + Yoga Wellness work for you?

YES! EVERYONE can benefit from an Art + Yoga Wellness Practice.

Art + Yoga is based on how your brain and nervous system function. Additionally, my training includes a dual Masters' Degree and three national credentials. I have completed thousands of hours of group and individual client work, in the traditional studio as well as settings where art or yoga are offered as treatment for trauma, disability, addictions, chronic illness and beyond. I always feel humbled and grateful for the universally positive experiences reported by people who try this program for the first time.

Here are the scenarios of just a few of my favorite clients:


The Stressed Out Student/Professional

Art + Yoga Wellness reduces symptoms of stress and helps you feel more grounded, relaxed and in control.


The AMAZING Teen or 'Tween

Art + Yoga Wellness helps your teens & 'tweens cope with school and social pressures.

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The Yogi Who Wants More From The Practice

Art + Yoga Wellness shows you how to take yoga wisdom teachings off the mat and into life.

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