Client Overview

Art + Yoga Wellness is universal! It works because it's based on how your brain and nervous system function. I have shared this practice with all kinds of people, who have all sorts of physical and emotional obstacles or limitations. I love to introduce this practice to first-time yoga students and self-described non-artists. I love to do chair yoga with clients. In fact, my oldest yoga student was 96 years old...and blind!!

Below are some of the common concerns that Art + Yoga addresses under the general theme of improving resilience, as well as brief descriptions about why it works. I'd truly love to connect, answer your questions, and discuss how Art + Yoga Wellness can benefit you (or your clients or workplace). 

Ultimately, we'll devise an attainable step-by-step plan to achieve your wellness goals...and we will have fun while doing it!

Concerns Among Individuals:

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Stress, Anxiety, & Burnout

Busy schedules, multitasking, home life, work & social media. When life pulls us in too many directions, it's easy to become overwhelmed, anxious or burnt out. Yoga will help improve concentration and ability to slow down; art therapy can provide insight and other stress-reducing strategies. Art + Yoga Wellness restores balance; a personal practice will help to maintain that balance.

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Strong Emotions & Overwhelm

Grief, sadness, fear, worry, shame, guilt, regret. We all experience these very normal feelings, but they're not comfortable and therefore easy to push away. Strong or unresolved emotions gets stored in the body as stress, and can manifest as mental and physical illness. Art + Yoga Wellness will gently address and transform these emotions towards improved immunity and emotional health. Read More


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For Teens & Tweens

Bullying, homework, social situations, and transitions....any or all of these things can result in strong emotions, high stress, and anxiety among teenagers and 'tweens. Art therapy helps sort out and give voice to strong emotions. Yoga improves groundedness and concentration, Art + Yoga Wellness will help build healthy habits and self esteem.

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Chronic Illness

Chronic illness causes a wide range of emotions including grief, sadness, fear, and loss of identity. Medical procedures can also cause excruciating anxiety. Art + Yoga Wellness addresses these by reducing anxiety, while giving voice to strong emotions. Yoga will also improve the absorption of medications, while art images can help describe pain and sensations to your doctor.

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When we provide long-term care for a loved one who is sick or disabled, it's easy to put ourselves last. We are driven by our love, compassion, or sheer need to be the caregiver. In addition to feeling stress, fear and worry for the patient, caregivers often experience a loss of identity; resentment, guilt and anger. Yoga restores balance and provides a necessary respite; art therapy will help honor and transform stress and strong emotions.



Career changes, relocation, marriage, divorce, the death of a loved one, the birth or addition of a family member. Our bodies are not wired to know the difference between good and bad change!! When life happens too much outside the norm, even 'positive' changes can cause stress or worry! Yoga will help you stay relaxed and grounded; art therapy will help you gain insight as you build a bridge and cross successfully through your transition.

For the Workplace & Beyond:

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Workplace Wellness

Art + Yoga Wellness addresses numerous workplace needs. Chair seated yoga offers stress reduction & improved immunity to office colds and flu; and mindfulness techniques associated with productivity and better attention to detail. Art therapy offers stress reduction, team building exercises and creative problem solving techniques.

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Training for Service Professionals

Helping and Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, Active Military and Veterans: People working in these professions are often witness to traumatic or violent scenes. In addition to chronic job-related stress, these professionals can also suffer a secondary trauma if not post traumatic stress itself. Art + Yoga Wellness offers powerful tools to improve resilience and address work-related compassion fatigue.


Press, Presentations, and Events

My method of teaching yoga and therapeutic art making is based on how the brain and nervous system work. This allows me to work with a wide range of people, in any variety of settings.

I welcome the opportunity to present, answer questions, or participate in your event. Press inquiries and requests for presentations are welcomed.